With several years of experience in the telecom business we, at Utel Systems, provide our customers with excellent products and skilled personnel. With competitive prices we offer services within support, consultancy, and training.

Our STINGA products are scalable and flexible. They range from stand-alone protocol analyzers to centralized multi-user link monitoring systems. It is the ultimate monitoring system for a growing business. To better fit our customer’s needs and requirements, we provide them with custom made and tailored solutions.

The products are continuously adapted to new technological changes. New protocols and new versions are added continuously. Other protocols and national protocol variants are implemented on customer request.


We treat our customers fairly, honestly, and professional.

We want our customers to be best in what they do. To save our customers from unnecessary problems or other time consuming events, we deliver solutions on time and provide excellent support. Our support line goes directly to our skilled telecom engineers, saving customers for unnecessary and time consuming phone calls to get help.

Support and product demonstrations are offered online via GoToMeeting. Contact us to request and schedule an appointment.

In a competitive market, customer satisfaction needs to be high. With our flexible solutions and skilled employees, our customers stand strong in ensuring their network is delivering on its premises.


Utel Systems consultancy services are based on our in-depth-knowledge acquired through many years of telecom network & service operation, telecom training, and telecom product development. Our consultancy services range from detailed technical problem solving to more business-oriented services.

Our technical service is providing assistance with signaling and general network troubleshooting, using our products for network and service surveillance, and active testing.

Our business-oriented services are focused around strategy, integration, and operation of both Business- and Operations Support Systems (BSS and OSS). We also provide expertise in systems handling Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS).

QoS and SLA are closely related and are important elements in achieving customer satisfaction and success in an evolving market.


To the get most out of our STINGA Protocol Analyzers & Simulators and STINGA Monitoring System, we recommend some technical background before you start. We therefore offer customer specific training to take place at the customer's location.

We provide basic and advanced training courses within:

  • SS7oTDM
  • SIP

Please contact us for more information.