STINGA Report Generator

Flexible QoS & KPI/KQI Reporting Tool

  • Generates reports and statistics
  • Builds custom reports
  • Presents data in business view
  • Integrates with PDF, XLS and CVS formats
  • Essential tool for executives
  • Supports 3rd party probes
  • Provides sets of templates and filters
  • Easy-to-use

STINGA Report Generator produces reports and statistics both at business- and operational level. This tool is essential for drill down analysis, narrowing the scope of a problem, or getting a functional overview over data traffic across networks. It is a convenient way to receive information from end-to-end points, and work as a basis for Quality of Service (QoS) and network planning.

The STINGA Report Generator is a great tool for executives and others who want network data to be presented in a more business oriented way. For technicians it's a great tool for troubleshooting.

When creating a report the STINGA Report Generator provides a set of templates, filters, and KPI/KQI parameters. Each template has its own purpose and data is generated based on your specific needs and requirements.

In addition to STINGA Monitoring System and Monitoring Probes from Utel Systems, STINGA Report Generator supports 3rd party monitoring probes. It can therefore generate reports with network data based on different monitoring solutions.

Expert support

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  • Easily produce reports and statistics.
  • Flexible and can be used with 3rd party probes.
  • A basis for network planning and analysis.
  • Presents network data and signals in business view.
  • Verification of Service Level Agreements and Authorities requirements.
  • Can convert reports to PDF, XLS, and/or CVS files.